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  • Do you have any models or kits on display to be viewed ?
    We are a complete eCommerce company we do not have any buildings on display. We sometimes have clients that during there build process they will allow for clients to come by and review an actual build. Several of our videos and photos are of actual live builds.
  • Is this a complete kit or just framing?
    This is a complete kit we provide the exterior, interior wall logs, the interior and esterior doors and all the hardware, we provide the roof deck cover boards and the facia trim boards.
  • Do you offer assembly?
    yes assembly can be provided in select locations in TN, MS & AL.
  • Is this built to housing codes?
    Our building material meets all ICC and IBC codes. Depending on a specific region or area of a build you would need to check with your local building department for specific building code requirements.
  • How long does it take to assemble a kit or have a kit assembled?
    Depending on the specific model floor plan chosen it could take as little as a few hours or as much as a few weeks for example with our smaller 28mm logs under 40 sq ft can be completed in 8 hours, and with the larger log 44mm under 130-200sq ft could take 3-4 days. And our 70mm wall logs home model floor plans over 800 sq ft 3-4 weeks depending on size of assembly crew. examples are based on a 3 man crew.
  • How much would it cost to have a kit assembled?
    We can not speak for what cost are in a specific region or area, we can specfic for the Jackson, TN area the assembly price would be $9.00 per sq ft under roof up to 25 miles of the main office location.
  • Can changes be made?
    Yes, depending on modifications price may change.
  • What is the insulation value?
    On our larger wall log models 70mm once assembled the building will have a thermal mass rating = R12. The 28mm log size would not have much significant insulation value, the 44mm log would have some value rating most consistent with R4.
  • How long have you been in business?
    We have been in business since July, 2016
  • What is not included with the kit?
    We do not provide any roofing material (shingles, metal, clay or any type roofing material), we do not provide any electrical, plumbing, cabinets countertops, light fixtures, bathroom fixtures, insulation material, or the foundation.
  • Do you provide an engineers stamp for each kit?
    We can work with you and provide information needed to get an engineering stamp we have some non affiliated companies that provide engineering stamps additional cost would apply prices will vary based on the square footage of the model and the type of engineer stamp requesting.
  • How long does it take to receive a kit?
    Once payment is received and has cleared the bank depending on delivery location shipping and delivery times may vary also depending on what floor plan chosen. The manufactured to order floor plans general will take 10-12 weeks to receive barring any delays.
  • Do you keep models in stock?
    Generally we do not keep any models in stock in the U.S.. However we do keep some of our most popular models in stock at our plant over seas check our ready to ship items.
  • Are the buildings manufactured in the U.S. A.?
    No all of our manufacturing is done out of Europe and are shipped to America.
  • Do you offer a warranty?
    Yes we have a 5 year manufacturers warranty on all of our Premium log building kits. And a 30 day warranty on our standard smaller log garden house models.
  • Are there any guarantees?
    We offer only one guarantee is that you will receive your item ordered so long as the item ordered was paid for in full including any shipping fees.
  • Are these HUD and or FHA approved?
    You would need to check with your lender if you are applying for an FHA loan to see if they will do a loan on this type of a structure.
  • Do your buildings meet local building codes?
    We have no way of knowing all the different building codes through out the U.S. We request that an individual contacts their local building department to learn what their code requirements for log structures are.
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