Tina A DIY Log Garden House Storage Building Kit

Tina A DIY Log Garden House Storage Building Kit


This rustic log building kit is perfect for any backyard that would like to add a rustic log cabin feel. The building is very versatile has several different uses from storage, playhouse, bus stop, deer blind also a secure way to retrieve large shipped or mailed packages. The building is the perfect size for any person looking for a high quality product for their garden house or storage.

  • Specifications

    • interior dimensions 79 in. x 79 in. x 96 in. 
    • 338 cubic ft.
    • 40 sq. ft.
    • Open vaulted ceilings
    • Tongue and groove roof and floorboards
    • Includes 33-1/8 in. x 70 in. single door with window
    • Easy assemble
    • Tongue and groove wall logs
    • Compact design
    • Lockable door
    • manufactured to order
  • Warranty

    30 Day Limited Warranty
    We will warrant and replace any item found to be damaged in the package through shipping or packaging at the plant. Additionally if the part is confirmed missing we will replace it at no charge. It is the responsibility of the customer to open and inspect all boxes within 30 day of delivery receipt to ensure all parts listed on the parts list have been received and are accounted for.
    If a part is missing or mispackaged, we will replace it or provide instruction to modify the missing part in order to complete the build.
    Replacement parts may take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to be shipped and received by the customer.
    Any exceptions to the above are at the discretion of the company.
    Once the building is assembled and constructed, the purchaser of said item will hold all liability for the structure and HUD-1 EZ building cannot and will not warrant the building/structure.


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