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Verona J68 19 ft. x 29 ft. milled log timbers do it yourself building kit

Verona J68 19 ft. x 29 ft. milled log timbers do it yourself building kit


The Verona J68 log garden house Kit is perfect for that vacation getaway, 2nd home, guest house or for a primary home. The Verona J68 comes with its two story design comes with 2 rooms at ground level and 2 rooms on the fist floor. The Verona J68 comes with 2 6/8 in. interlocking kiln dried wall logs and a sturdy roof system with 3/4 in. tongue and groove deck boards. The Verona J68 is the perfect building for the D.I.Y. individual an easy weekend project to add more usable space to any home. Roof covering material and flooring not included. Ready to mount on your provided foundation. Mounts to any foundation slab wood block or even portable skid style foundation. This building is shipped direct to you via curbside delivery.



    • 1010 sq. ft. interior heating space
    • 2 upstairs rooms
    • 1 open kitchen living dining room area
    • 1 additional room ground level
    •  dimensions 18 ft. 3 in. x 28 ft. 8 in.
    • Exterior and interior walls included
    • Includes exterior and interior windows and doors
    • 2-6/8 in. wall logs
    • 3/4 in. tongue and groove roof deck boards
    • Window and door latches and locks included
    • 2 story cabin design style
    • Manufactured to order (allow 6-8 weeks)

    No returns or refunds all sales are final.  Building kit is custom manufactured to order.  Will replace any damaged or missing part due to the manufacturing process.


    Shipping available please allow 10-12 weeks to receive once payment has cleared bank. .


    5 year manufacturer’s warranty on timber, doors & windows so long as proper treatment of material is preformed two wood seal treatments are recommended for warranty..

  • Specs

    Dimensions External size 875.8 x 592.8 cm Internal size 849 x 566 cm Wall thickness 6.8 cm Surfaces Floor ( 46.59 + 40.97) 87.56 m² Roof 77.49 m² Terrace (with roof and floor) 5.55 m² Balcony (with fence and floor) 5.6 m² Balcony (with fence, roof and floor) 5.6 m² Heights Highest wall 405.5 cm Lowest wall 406 cm Maximum roof ridge 599 cm Doors door (0.85 x 2.00m) 2 door (0.85 x 2.00m) 1 door (0.85 x 2.00m) 4 door (0.85 x 2.00m) 3 Windows window (0.70 x 0.92m) 5 double_window (1.30 x 0.92m) 3

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